About Us

We are a skater / rider owned company and personally have been building and riding our obstacles for the last 20 years. A well-designed skate park should have obstacles for all experiences of Skateboarder, Inliner and BMX rider. It should be usable when capacity is at a maximum but must minimise the amount of collisions between skaters / riders. Allowing them to use at least one section (line) of the park without interruption.

When the park is half capacity skaters / riders should be able to flow (like water), between obstacles thruought the facility using all the obstacles for tricks and also allows skaters / riders to traverse the entire skate park facility without having to push / pedal. Each skate park should be different with a wide range of different obstacles, the typical Quarter pipes and Flat banks will always be in a skate park allowing speed to be gained but they must vary dimensionally to provide the users with a unique experience.

What do Carve SP Designs Ltd do?

We use our extensive experience (over 30 years) in riding both skateboards and BMX bikes throughout the world to provide versatile, challenging facilities that meet the needs of the users and provider. Once we know the area of the facility we then arrange a think tank meeting, where the local Skateboarders, BMXers and Inliners are able to put their ideas down on paper. We then take all the ideas and try to combine as many of the ideas as reasonably possible whilst providing a facility that flows and stays within the budget.

We then provide a CAD model of the skate park that is then brought to a second meeting where the locals can view the final design and give their opinion, as they make the facility popular or unused.

We provide facilities made from any materials, commonly timber framed for obstacles for indoor facilities and steel frame or concrete for outdoor facilities depending on the location of the park, user / client preference and budget.

All our facilities / obstacles designed and built to European Standard BS EN 14974: 2006 the now current standard for roller sports facilities equipment and follow the ROSPA guidelines for roller sport facilities.

Carve SP Designs have worked as the principal contractor and also as a subcontractor. We are CIS Registered Company, we have our own Health and Safety Policy and we can provide main contractors any documents they may require, i.e. Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Strength Calculations, etc.

  • Carve SP Designs Ltd is covered for public liability covering work for all local authorities.
  • Carve SP Designs Ltd is a CIS registered company.
  • Carve SP Designs Ltd is a VAT registered company.
  • All our work is designed and built to BS EN 14974: 2006
  • Risk assessments are provided for all projects.
  • Method statements are provided for all projects.
  • Our Health and Safety policy can be provided if required by the client.
  • Structural calculations can be provided if required by the client if requested.
  • As we meet user groups that comprise of children, youths and young adults, our employees are CRB checked.
  • All our facilities are designed in house with very little manufacturing processes done out of house.
  • Depending on the size of the project the obstacles are built /manufactured in house then assembled on site.
  • We have designed concrete skateparks for local authorities.