Interact Skatepark, Burnley

Dave (sole trading as Carve Designs,) was asked to design a skate park that would accommodate both BMX and skateboarding. The owner of the park was involved with BMX and wanted the park to be more BMX orientated.

Burnley skatepark was the first to have our unique bowl corner sheeting design that was developed on site. This design creates joints in the sheeting that the wheels will not roll over at the same time creating a perfectly smooth riding surface. The bowl (the largest wooden indoor in Europe, 16.5m long flat bottom.) was designed with skaters in mind with rolled over external corners and waterfall as opposed to sharp cornered hips that were the original plan. The bowl is escalated up to a vert corner with a love seat in the middle of the longest wall.

The bowl has had many amazing reviews from riders/ skaters here in the UK and tours visiting from the US. It has also held some of the largest European competitions within it.

“This is the smoothest bowl I have ever ridden, you can just generate so much speed, it’s a shame I still have concussion from knocking my self out last week. I’ll have to come back and ride it when I’m next in the country.”

Taj Mihelich, Pro US Freestyle BMX Rider.