We have built a mobile facility that has been used many times in towns up and down the country. The aim of this facility is to provide a small unique experience to skaters and riders, who don't have easy access to a skate park facility. It has also provided a starting point for young people who have not tried Skateboarding, Inline or BMX before.

The events can set an example to funding bodies, councils and local MP's, highlighting the need for skate park facilities within their area. It also allows the local community to see an event to get an idea of what skateboarding; inline skating and BMX are really about. One youth group has managed to raise well over £200,000 after holding one of our events at a council funding event.

This facility is available to hire, we are in the process of designing a steel framed park that will feature more obstacles and pack away flat. This facility will be available for hire and purchase, please feel free to contact us via our contacts page for more details