Transition Extreme Sports Ltd

We attended a meeting with the locals of Aberdeen; all had a lot of different ideas about what should be within the facility. It was decided at the end of the think tank meeting that a Livingston style bowl (1.83m-2.9m deep, 10m Dia,) was going to be the main feature of the park, along with a large (60ft long, 1.83m high,) hipped mini with some unusual features, tombstone, love seat and an over-vert bowled corner. Both featuring our well known complex corner design providing the smoothest bowled surfaces possible.

The street part of the facility was to provide obstacles for skateboarding inline and BMX, driveways, jump-boxes, hips, quarters and banks of various sizes, to accommodate all users.

Andy Dobson joined us on the build team, as he had been involved with the Transition project from its beginnings and had drawn the 1st provisional drawing that was used as a starting point for the final design.

"The layout is kind of organic in that there are tonnes of flowing lines and where some may get tech – others will use this as a pump bump for faster, harder routes. The Mini ramp is pretty much the best in the country, So many features to play on. Then there is the bowl, the wooden beast of the Grampians".

Kevin Parrott (United Kingdom Skateboarding Association)